Welcome to LearnSolidus

Welcome to the first newsletter for Learn Solidus, in this edition we will go over the content that will be send in the next couple of weeks.

By the end of this serie we will have a fully functional Solidus store, running with a custom and tested frontend. Running on edge versions of Rails and Solidus.

We want to stay as close to the (new) Rails defaults as possible. We do go with Postgresql and ESBuild. There will be a nobuild experiment as well some time in the future, but for now we will still have a node_modules directory. :)

Propshaft is not supported yet, since Solidus depends on Sprockets. One of the reasons to run on the main branches of both Rails and Solidus is that we can (and will) hit some problems along the way. This way we can provide some upstream bugfixes and features and do some deep dives on the codebases. One of the features could be Propshaft support.

We will be installing Solidus without the default frontend and without any authentication since we will be writing that from scratch.

We will be using:

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